If you’re planning or heading into a launch of an upcoming course, look no further.

I also offer custom launch planning and campaign set up for both live and evergreen launches. This package is perfect for busy CEOs who are looking to scale and want to NAIL their next launch. With this, you will get a custom launch plan an timeline, team coordination, and above all a custom-built launch campaign that will be reusable for your next launch! Rinse and repeat! 

Becuase I believe that launching happens in 3 stages this package is setup so that I am here to support you in each and every step. I will obviously be helping you and your team to plan and execute your launch, but I will be there during and after the launch too, so that we can make sure that everything happens, without issue. 

A typical launch, from pre-launch to post-launch usually happens through a 3 month period. So you can expect me to be around for this entire time. 

To start, a 50% deposit is required. Once that is completed you will get an email with further details. We will hop on a quick call to discuss, and then I will go start making a rough launch plan. Then we will hop on the phone again and go over specifics and get things on a calendar. From there we will meet once weekly to make sure that everything is staying on track.

The other 50% will be due in 60 days this is generally around the time that your launch will be wrapping up before we head into the post-launch.

There are payment plan options available but paying in full or in 2 payments is the best way to guarantee a faster launch timeline. 

Please inquire at flow@flowautomationinc.com if have any questions.