You’re spending over $200 a month on the Cadillac of all CRMs, and you are frustrated. Maybe it’s unfamiliar territory for you, and quite frankly, you just don’t understand it. And, you know you are not allowing Infusionsoft to do everything it’s capable of doing, causing you to miss out on all the benefits this type of software could provide to your business.

Your business is growing, and you keep telling yourself that organizing your software can be put off for another day, when you have more time. But, when will you ever have the time?

You know where your strengths are, and that your time is better spent focused on the revenue driving activities that only you can do within your business. So, why waste time trying to understand a complex system that takes months to learn and years to master. When instead, you can hire someone who already knows the ins and outs of the complicated software.

You want a well-oiled, lead generating system that runs on auto-pilot doing the work for you. Letting you return your focus to areas of your business that require your undivided attention.

You know that using automation benefits your company, and that it is a valuable tool in turning potential leads into paying customers, but you shouldn’t have to spend hours a day building a system that works for your company.

This will allow your Infusionsoft Application to be run by a professional. Someone who can maximize it’s potential, to get you the most out of your business. Meaning, more quality leads, higher conversions, and more revenue. Not to mention the added bonus of freeing up your time so that you can once again turn your focus back to your business. Spending less time outside of your comfort zone and more in your realm of genius.

I offer a unique approach to Account Management because everything I do has proven strategies and tactics to support my approach. Strategies that I use to boost the functionality of your Infusionsoft account in order to better your business.

The Strategic Account Management service is a monthly service retainer.

I work on quarterly contracts, which allows for enough time for me to make real changes to your Infusionsoft account. Changes that deliver real measurable results. I am available to you between the hours of 9am and 2pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. This is when we can book calls to talk strategy or troubleshoot any issues that you are having with your account.

The rest of the time? I work behind the scenes, improving your business.

Imagine the freedom of being able to focus your attention on the running of your business, while someone else handles the technological side. Create content, sell your services, continue to build and grow your company with ease, and get the most out of your Infusionsoft System. All while having the added bonus of freeing up your valuable time. All of this is made possible by hiring an Account Manager for your Infusionsoft account.


Report Email Statistics. Open Rates and Click Rates, so you can see what results you are getting from your email efforts.

Provide Lead Generation Reports. Allows you to see how many new leads have been created each day.


Sales Reports. Show you a daily report on all of the sales within your business.

Conversion Reports. See where each sale is coming from in order to see what tactics are working in your business and where some tweaks might need to be made.



Weekly Summary of the reports listed above.


List Clean Up. Making sure that there are no duplicate records in your system

Campaign Maintenance. Checking to make sure that everything is working correctly and that the automation in flawless.

Measure Organic and Paid Lead Generation. See what’s working to generate new leads.



Monthly Summary of all weekly reports listed above.

Develop, test and tweak new campaigns.



Account Audit. Taking a look at everything that’s happening in your account and making sure that nothing is being overlooked or missed.

Quarterly Reports.


Meeting to discuss the goals for the next quarter. Reviewing the goals and achievements in the last quarter, and what progress can be expected.

With all of this information available to you, you will easily be able to gauge the status and success of your business, simply by looking at your dashboard. No more guess work as to where your business model is succeeding, and where changes need to be made.

Newsletters and communication with your contact list will become a streamlined process. Allowing for a more consistent delivery and better open rates. Maintaining your list should never be overlooked.

Each campaign that is assigned to be developed will be given a strict timeline of tasks that need to be completed by each party, as well as a provided deadline and launch date. This ensures that all campaigns are thoughtfully designed and implemented efficiently, without any guess work necessary.

I only accept a few clients at a time. I do this so that I can learn the ins and outs of each business I am working with. Devote more attention to my clients, and ensure that my time is never stretched too thin between accounts. This should be a long-term investment on both sides. An investment in which we can work and grow together.

This investment is $5,000 per month. Quarterly Contracts are required.

I realize that this may seem like a hefty investment. But, with this process you are getting much more than just an account manager. I will become a very strategic partner for your business. Boosting and driving sales through proper use of Infusionsoft software.


Strategies to generate leads. Both paid and organically.

A proven campaign that turns leads into customers.


Fulfillment campaigns for all products and services that you sell. So you continue your relationship with your customers well after an initial purchase has been made.

Better open and clicks rates through tracking.

Evergreen strategies and campaigns that will produce sales, over and over again.

Integration with several other systems for generating leads, tracking and sales. Such as: LeadPages, ClickFunnels, Easy Webinar, Everwebinar, PlusThis, Wicked Reports, WordPress, Gravity Forms, Facebook, Meet Edgar, Jarvis, Graphly, AccessAlly, ScheduleOnce etc.

And much more…

Now, keep in mind that this service isn’t for everyone. You must already have an existing successful business in place, and your business needs to already be using Infusionsoft software.

I can’t produce results for businesses that don’t have at least a few successful systems in place, as well as a constant revenue stream. This service isn’t about building something from nothing, it’s about making what’s working, work better. Streamlining and perfecting the system you are already using based on strategical analysis and building and growing your business. I need serious and long term clients who are willing to put in the time and effort to change their business. Not those who are not interested in long-term goals.

I have experience working successfully with 7-figure companies to build their Infusionsoft campaigns. I have assisted in developing campaigns to aid in the day-today operations of their business. I have built sales funnels that have double and tripled conversions rates. And, I have created evergreen systems to generate leads and convert cold leads into customers. I can do this, and more, for your company too.