If you’re not quite ready to have your account managed, but you are looking for a quick way to boost leads and conversions, I have you covered with my Custom Campaign design.

Custom Campaigns are designed with the needs of your business in mind. This isn’t just a simple campaign, but a campaign that is designed with very specific goals in mind in order to help you grow your business. These campaigns look at the bigger picture for your business. Targeting areas such as what results you are aiming for, to how a customer feels while going through the campaign. Everything is catered to your business needs, in order to make sure that you get the exact results that you want.

To start, a 50% deposit is required. Once that is completed you will get an email with further details. You will be asked to give me the details of the type of campaign that you are looking for. Provide a clear start and end goal, and I will design everything in between. All you have to provide is the copy and graphics.

Once you have submitted those details, I will get started. The other 50% will be due at the time of completion. Which is generally 3-5 business days after I have received all materials.


Product Fulfilment

Lead Magnet Sales Funnel

Evergreen Newsletter Campaign

List Re-Engagement

Push to Buy Campaign

Follow Up Campaign Following a Call

Membership Fulfilment Campaign


Lead Quality Campaign


Lead Engagement Campaign

Please inquire at flow@flowautomationinc.com if there is a specific type of campaign that you want designed that is not present on the list above.