It’s true that I have become known as the sales funnel ninja by a few people in my circle of clients and friends, and here’s the reason why: 

I can turn your leads into actual raving customers and clients, just by taking them through a campaign in your account. I design custom campaigns that fit your unique business goals. Campaigns that will produce the results that you’re looking for. Trackable stats are provided and tweaks are made for optimize conversions, all while you get down to doing what really matters in your business.

If you are a successful business with systems and structures already in place and want to either switch to Infusionsoft, or get the most out of your existing account you will want to check out my Infusionsoft Account Management.

Infusionsoft Account Management was designed as an all-encompassing service where I dive into your Infusionsoft account and run the day to day operations. I set up sales funnels, campaigns, perform maintenance and manage everything from a strategical perspective. I make sure that your account gives you a quick glance look at what you need to see to make informed decisions that affect your business. I take the confusion away from using Infusionsoft, because the system is completely managed for you. Interested? 


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If you’re not quite ready for to have your account managed and you are looking for a quick way to boost leads and conversions, I have you covered with my custom campaign design.

Custom Campaigns are designed with the needs of your business in mind. This isn’t just a simple campaign, but a campaign that is designed with very specific goals in mind to grow your business. It looks at the big picture for your business, from what results you want, to how the customer feels while going through the campaign. Everything is catered to your business to make sure that you get the exact results that you want.


For more details on what types of campaigns I can custom design, click here.

If you feel like you have a pretty good handle on your account, but you want help to sort out an issue that’s been bothering you, or you want advice on how to set-up your account automation, or you are just starting and you have questions, I have you covered with hourly support.

Hourly Support can happen in two ways, we either hop on Skype and I walk you through the issue and how to fix it, or you tell me the issue and I handle it. Your choice. I understand that each business is different and that sometimes you don’t have the time to sit down on the phone and go through step-by-step how to improve your account, but I also understand that you’d like to know how things work, so I leave it up to you to decide which works best for the needs of your business. Curious about how to get started?


Learn more about what is offered with Hourly Support by clicking here.

I specialize in automation using Infusionsoft, and if you are interested in switching your current business over to the platform, please reach out and I can provide you with a quote on setting up your new account in as little as 4 weeks. Please contact me at for more information on custom account setup.