Inside an Automated Office: Case Study

By now you have a basic understanding of how you can begin the automation process within your own business. Before we continue looking at others areas that may benefit you, let’s first take a look inside an office that has already automated.

My friends at Infusionsoft completed this case study on a client who recently implemented office automation, and here is what they found.

Rosalind Prather, the co-founder of Trusting Connections Nanny Agency, had this to say concerning how her business operated prior to becoming an Automated Office;

“I don’t know how we survived,” she said. “It looked like a lot of paper checklists, lots of paper wasted. It looked like writing the same email over and over and over again. It looked like lots of mistakes being made.”

Now, after the introduction of Infusionsoft within her business, Trusting Connections Nanny Agency, has been able to automate nearly all of the administrative tasks that are involved with the hiring of nannies as well as the registration of new clients. These changes have been made in three key areas;

  • Importing Family Information
  • Keeping Nanny Credentials Current
  • Scheduling Consultations

Importing Family Information

This has become a much more streamlined process for the company. Families who are in the market to hire a nanny are asked to complete a comprehensive registration form that can be found on the Trusting Connections Nanny Agency website. This forms allows potential clients to input family information such as; basic household information, children’s medical requirements, and emergency contacts. In addition, there is a section in which parents are asked to describe their personal parenting style, in regards to areas such as dietary nutrition, approach to discipline, and the routine of the household. Upon completion of this form, the responses are automatically inputted into a client database using Infusionsoft. The bonus to using this approach, instead of a manual data entry process, is that there is no longer any reason to sift through paper copies of forms and notes concerning a family. When the family’s contact record is accessed, all of the important family information is at your finger tips

Keeping Nanny Credentials Current

This is the second area that plays an important role. The automated process begins as soon as a potential nanny applies to work for the agency. The potential nanny completes a form found on the website, that contains questions in areas ranging from, CPR and first-aid certifications, to car insurance. Thanks to automation all crucial information regarding a nanny is now easily accessed in one place via internal software. Prior to the Automated Office, it was a hassle for staff members to keep track of expiring credentials, such as CPR certification. Having staff manually email nannies left the company extremely vulnerable to human error.

“If we have nannies walking around who are not trained and certified, it’s a huge liability issue.” Prather

Now, thanks to automating her company, Prather has ensured that Trusting Connections Nanny Agency relies on Infusionsoft software to trigger reminders to nannies about when expiration dates for their certifications are approaching, taking the pressure off staff to remember.

Scheduling Consultations

Next, Trusting Connections Nanny Agency reviewed the area of Scheduling Consultations. There are several steps to placing a compatible nanny with a family. The first of these steps is to schedule an in-home consultation in order to fully access a family’s needs. In order for these in-home consultations to occur, Prather phones families to schedule a time, after this an internal form is filled out. Once this form is completed the software triggers an email to both the family and the consulting staff member, this email contains details such as meeting time and location. In addition, the software informs other appropriate staff members, depending on the services required by the family, that the consultation is to take place.

Prather has accredited automating her office to continued growth and success for her business. Not only has her business been able to streamline communication with families and nannies, but it has also resulted in saving about twenty hours a week that was lost in the manual process. With automation, Prather has said that, “I went from five minutes down to three seconds.” in reference to how long she spent composing follow-up emails to families and staff members. Now that Prather has freed up so much time she has been able to reassign her part-time office assistant to more meaningful work, “We’re able to do what we do, better. Before, we were treating water, trying to survive.”

You too can apply these simple and effective changes within your own company, and reap the rewards of automation! Click here to find out more.

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