“I can’t afford to hire you”


“I would love to hire you, but I just can’t afford you”… Yes, I have heard this many times this week.

I know it’s not a reflection of me, or my value, but it is a lack of understanding what I do, and how I can help you.

You can’t afford me… I say you can’t afford not to hire me.

Let’s break down some numbers here, because I like numbers.

You want to grow you revenue in your business, which means you are going to have to invest in your business and yourself.

In order for you to do that you have to have a clear picture of your value.

How much are YOU worth to your business?

I want you to really think about that. How much are you worth.

I know coaches who charge $500-$1,000 per hour for their time.

What do you think they would say, if I told them I could free up 30 hours a month for them? That would mean an extra 30 hours for them to devote to doing what they loved, and stop them from doing the tasks that they hate.

That right there could mean an extra $30,000 in their pocket, all because they gave up those 30 hours of work, work they hated to begin with, and invested in support for their business.

They would hire me in a heartbeat, because they know that could mean over $28K of extra profit – every month. That’s $336,000 a year. They see the value. They know where their time is better spent, and that is how they have built up their worth to over 6 figures and $1,000 an hour.

So let me ask you again. How much are YOU worth?

Think about your packages, your offerings, what you charge for your services.

How much more could you be making with 30 extra hours a month? 10K? 20K?

If it’s anything over 3K, you CAN afford me.

Now, you’re probably wondering what I do?

I’m an Automation Account Manager, and that means that I help entrepreneurs perform big business, by automating the daily crap. Your passion is your purpose – not Infusionsoft and Leadpages.

Give me the dirty details and I’ll set it up, automate, supervise, and make it run like the finely tuned machine you always dreamed it could be!

That’s how we grow your business, prioritize, systematize, and make bank!

I take care of…
– setting up systems and structures
– planning for growth
– automation
– marketing strategies
– scheduling
– client contacts
– and more

My specialty is helping you grow your business by preserving your biggest asset: your time.

I become your right-hand. I become your business best friend. I am completely wrapped up in the success of your business, as if it was my own!

I MANAGE your business automation, so you can do what you do in your business.

All that for $1500/month! (Starting rate)

I only work with a few clients at a time so if you’re interested let’s go!